Potential Energy is a global, nonprofit marketing firm creating public demand for action on climate change.

Leveraging deep analytics and creative storytelling drawn from private sector marketing, Potential Energy connects with people on a human level to tip the balance on the policies that will dramatically accelerate the energy transition. Potential Energy’s campaigns are backed by extensive audience research across more than 20 countries, with over 3 billion ads served and measured, yielding data-driven insights that shift the climate narrative to win the fights that matter.

Potential Energy was founded by John Marshall, former Chief Strategy Officer at the creative consultancy Lippincott, and Dan Schrag, Director of the Harvard Center for the Environment.

Learn more about our approach to climate change marketing from this TedTalk by John Marshall:

Talk Like a Human

For nearly four years, our team has been running the numbers on climate messaging strategies. We’ve tested what works, what we can learn from, and put together a data-backed guide talking more effectively around climate change. A key insight that stood out? The importance of “talking like a human, not an encyclopedia”.

If part of your job is communicating about climate change, this guide is for you.

Download the Guide