Later is Too Late:
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Go inside the data behind Potential Energy’s report on the messaging that accelerates climate action in the G20 and beyond.

57,968 people. 23 countries representing 70% of the world’s population. 18 policy areas.

In 2023, Potential Energy, a global, nonprofit marketing firm creating public demand for climate solutions, carried out one of the broadest and most comprehensive global message testing studies conducted on climate change. Working in partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, Zero Ideas, and the Meliore Foundation, we tested multiple framings of a wide range of policies to counter climate change — from curbing pollution to investing in clean vehicles — to find out how we can motivate the world to accelerate climate progress.

What messaging moves women in Brazil to support clean energy tax credits?

How do 35-44 year olds in Germany feel about switching from coal to clean power?

Will conservatives in Nigeria get behind ending subsidies for polluters?

How do city dwellers in Great Britain compare to rural residents on support for clean transportation?

Explore the data on a country level to see what
message frames worked and zoom in by age, gender,
political leaning, and more.

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There is already a strong and broad consensus for immediate, increased government action on climate change, across countries and across diverse populations within countries. But this doesn’t always translate into support for specific policy initiatives, opening the field to backlash and backsliding. By understanding and responding to what really motivates people, we can strengthen their support and tip the balance on the solutions we need. The right framing and messaging can be a critical difference maker.

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Later is Too Late: A comprehensive analysis of the messaging that accelerates climate action in the G20 and beyond.