How do you get people to care about climate change?

It starts by deeply connecting with people — their lives, their hopes, their fears, their aspirations.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says what a great day for some decarbonization.

For most people, climate change seems too big, too complicated and too political. To get people to engage with this issue and demand solutions, we use an approach built around human-centered stories that capture their imaginations, make the problem easy to digest and present solutions that are within reach.

Potential Energy Coalition

We design and deliver campaigns that drive change

Our team creates and executes marketing campaigns grounded in deep analytics and human-centric stories that are proven to persuade.

We advise leaders and organizations

We have served and measured billions of messages, giving Potential Energy a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't. We publish our knowledge, train partners, and engage with leaders at all levels to improve their ability to connect with people on climate change.

Our approach centers around three grounding principles:

Potential Energy Coalition - Uncommon Insights on climate change communication and solutions

Uncommon Insight

Through extensive research in more than 20 countries, hundreds of iterative message tests, and thousands of hours of listening to people, we deeply engage with our audiences to uncover their values, priorities, and identities. We’re on the hunt to answer: when it comes to climate change, what makes them tick?

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Potential Energy Coalition: breakthrough creativity in climate change communication and solutions

Breakthrough Creativity

We deploy the very best talent in the creative industry to craft narratives that reframe climate change and make it personal, interesting, and relevant for people. We build these campaigns in collaboration with partner NGOs and creative, production, and media experts who know our target segments.

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Potential Energy Coalition - Ruthless Evaluation of climate change communication and solutions

Ruthless Evaluation

We analyze every piece of data to identify what’s working — and equally important, what isn’t working. We’re constantly learning and sharing our findings to help others become stronger climate communicators.

After serving over three billion ads, rigorously testing every piece of creative, and running monthly large-scale in-market experiments, we’ve built a unique and valuable data asset for climate communicators.