Our Approach

We need to dramatically accelerate the energy transition around the world, and that means creating public demand for the policies that will save the planet.

Leveraging deep analytics, customer insight, and creative storytelling drawn from the private sector, Potential Energy brings the full toolkit of sophisticated consumer marketing to create and deploy powerful campaigns that connect with people on a human level to tip the balance on climate action.

our goals

Change the narrative on climate change

Dramatically expand the number of citizens demanding action

Uncommon Insight

We believe powerful insights start with audience understanding. In our Potential Energy Lab, we analyze people’s values, priorities, and message receptivity to identify target audiences for our campaigns, and then perform deep qualitative research to uncover the most convincing messaging opportunities.

Once defined, we test and optimize messaging directions in a range of experimental and live environments through digital message tests, randomized control tests, predictive modeling, and ongoing deep qualitative research, all ensuring that our insights are optimized, audience-led, and delivered efficiently.

Breakthrough Creativity

We believe great creative can change the world. We deploy the very best talent in the creative industry to build the stories that touch and move people.

In designing campaigns that significantly increase the number of citizens demanding immediate action, we stay laser-focused on target segments with high potential for action. We build these campaigns in partnership with on-the-ground organizations who have expertise and affinity with our target segments.

Ruthless Evaluation

We see and analyze the impact of the hundreds of millions of pieces of content we serve, building a knowledge base of what works for the benefit of the sector. In collaboration with academic partners and pioneering analytics firms, we measure the attitude shift, behavior shift, and conversation shift resulting from each of our campaigns.

We aim to be a beacon of insight on “what works” for the climate sector, hoping to help all nonprofit communicators create messages that can rise above the noise and get people to connect to the cause.

Our key contribution is our robust insights and analytics engine that can optimize, with precision, what message connects with whom, and why. Additionally, we take strides to ensure the key findings from our qualitative research and ongoing message tests serve the sector as a whole. Take a look at some our recent perspectives, insights, and findings in these posts and presentations.