Change the story, change what’s possible

Humans process the world through stories

And to date, the climate change story has been too polarized and too overwhelming for most people to engage with. As storytellers, our mission is to help audiences better understand climate change through emotionally engaging narratives that put them at the center of the story — and inspire them to push for solutions.

Featured Projects

How can we engage suburban women to act on climate change?

We’ve consistently seen that one effective approach is to connect with them as parents and show them what’s at stake for their kids.

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Clean energy for Michigan

How can we create local demand for clean energy?

Clean energy is a ticket to healthier lives. Let’s make it more approachable.
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How can we get conservatives energized about solutions?

Through message testing and analysis, we’ve found that connecting with shared values can help break through the highly polarized discourse around climate policy in the United States.
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Extreme Weather Website Header Image

How can we help people make the connection between extreme weather and climate change?

The key to persuasive conversations is helping people to feel heard — so that’s what we did.
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How can we overcome inertia and encourage parents to take action?

When a problem seems too overwhelming, it can be hard to move forward. We knew from the data that to engage more parents in climate solutions, we had to break it down into clean, simple, effective steps.
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How can Hispanic communities stand up for a better future?

In focus groups, most Latina moms were worried about climate change because their kids were worried about it.
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The Great American Build

How can we get Americans excited about the solutions?

We’re finding that climate messaging focused on jobs doesn’t work unless we can help people see where they fit in.
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How do we get more people to take advantage of clean energy upgrades?

We saw that few people knew about or understood clean energy upgrade opportunities, so we used humor and simplicity to make them more approachable.
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How can we make climate change relevant for local communities?

Research shows that hyper-local messaging can help connect the dots between large, global concepts like climate change and the love we have for the places we live.
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