How can we create local demand for clean energy?

We know clean energy is the ticket to healthier lives. We also know it’s more affordable than ever. The next step? Encourage people to take advantage of solutions.

The Challenge

Clean energy is the climate solution we’re all searching for, but it’s not the standard yet. 

Specifically, movable moderates believe in the potential of clean energy, but they feel stuck. The topic is becoming polarized by the existing narrative: “It’s too expensive, too hard, and too little too late.” Meanwhile, climate change quietly accelerates.

The Insight

Movable moderates believe in the potential of clean energy, but they’re not taking advantage of it yet.

People think the transition to clean energy will be a massively painful process. The reality is, the transition is already happening and they didn’t feel a thing!  If people see their own friends and neighbors as part of the solution, they’re more likely to support the clean energy transition in their community.

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It's not hopeless, it's happening.


Michiganders know a map can be a hand, but what they might not know is that clean energy is already powering homes, buildings and communities in their home state.


Michiganders know how what side of the bridge you hail from can make you a either “yooper” or a  “troll.” What they might not know? Abundant, homegrown clean energy is already powering a lot stuff in their state.

State pride is bigger than politics

Everyone wants their state to be a leader in clean energy; they know that clean energy will benefit them and reduce the pollution around them.  By highlighting the progress and connecting it to state pride, we’re changing the cultural norms to get them unstuck.

Elevate pride, self-sufficiency & independence.

Lean on state pride and social pressure to raise confidence of leaders and citizens to support clean energy projects and initiatives.