How do we get more people to take advantage of clean energy upgrades?

Clean energy upgrades now more accessible and affordable than ever. The only problem – nobody knows about it.

The Challenge

Make clean energy more approachable

Most people don’t know about the climate progress we’ve already made or that there are new incentives for clean energy available. Complicated and under communicated, we sought to highlight why parents should seek out clean energy upgrades to protect their kids.

The Insight

When people find out how clean energy protects their kids, they’re quick to hop on board

By focusing on the benefits of clean energy, we can encourage parents to take advantage of clean energy benefits.

Inspire people to start the cleanversation

By showing people how clean energy can improve their kids’ lives at home and on the road, we can get them talking about going clean, seizing upon the clean energy benefits.

Game Show

Some facts about heat pumps: they’re extremely energy efficient; they can help families save money on bills; and thanks to new incentives you can get a deal on one; nobody knows what on earth they do. We took all of those truths into consideration, and flipped the script turning something nobody was clamoring to chat about into a prize worthy of shouting about.

Smoking Bus

We showed parents why their kids’ ride to school needed swapping. By making clear how dirty diesel buses were, we inspired them to start the conversation with her local leaders to make the clean energy upgrade.

We're starting Cleanversations with moms across the country

Through our campaign, we’re featuring ads that promote new tax credits for consumers and local governments to purchase heat pumps and electric school buses. But clean energy benefits extend far beyond these two upgrades – things like solar panels, home weatherization, or electric clothes dryers are more affordable than ever.

A Cleanversation is a conversation about clean energy.

Currently, most of us rely on dated, dirty energy that harms our kids’ health. Clean energy is abundant, and it just got more affordable.

By having Cleanversations, we’re keeping the momentum going.

While we have made progress, we need to keep talking about climate change and clean energy to take better advantage of this new progress, and protect our kids’ futures.