How can we get conservatives energized about climate solutions?

Conservatives care deeply and support solutions when we communicate the right way.

The Challenge

Appeal to conservative values on an issue that can be incorrectly branded "liberal"

Today’s political environment often makes “climate change” feel like a liberal issue, when in fact conservatives care deeply about the environment and leaving a better world for the future. As a result, American conservatives often tune out messaging steeping in the usual language of the climate movement that doesn’t echo their values.

The Challenges
The Insight

Celebrate conservative values, and remind the world that caring about the future of our homes, communities, and natural world is part of all our DNA

Conservatives have been historical leaders – Richard Nixon started the EPA. George H. W. Bush strengthen the Clean Air Act. We wanted to use these prominent figures’ words to build pride and remind conservatives that acting to preserve the world we love is a conservative value.

The Future is Watching

The year was 2020. A pandemic was raging. The economy was tanking. And there was a lot of talk about how we would rebuild after COVID. This was a chance to connect a clean energy economy to a prosperous economic recovery. So, we partnered with the American Conservation Coalition to produce a piece of content inspired by historical conservative leaders. Their words, stitched together, became a modern rallying cry.

The Future is Watching

The pandemic knocked us down. By rebuilding our economy with clean jobs and infrastructure, we can come back stronger against another dangerous threat: climate change.

By uniting over shared values, we can tackle this together

Embracing what we've learned from the past while building for the future, those are values we can all share.