How can we engage hispanic communities?

Tapping into culture turned Latina moms into a force for climate  solutions.

The Challenge

Rally Latinas to protect our kids’ future

Latina women are one of the most concerned groups about climate change. And it’s no wonder — 55% of Latino Americans live in states (AZ, CA, TX) that are already experiencing climate change-related extreme weather. Yet no one had ever asked them to do anything about it, and voter turnout in the Latino community is low.

The fight for your kids' future is on
The Insight

Going through culture beats going through politics

In focus groups, it became clear that most Latina moms were worried about climate change because their kids were worried about it. So, PEC Action decided to turn voting for climate-friendly candidates into an act of love for their children.

Vote Like A Madre

The Vote Like a Madre Campaign asked Latina moms to pinky promise their kids they would vote for candidates with bold climate plans.

This project was funded and conducted by Potential Energy Action Network, using 501(c)(4) funds.

VLM Factory

A fun launch video kicked off the campaign and showed madres how powerful their promises could be.

J Lo

And a bunch of celebrity moms joined the caused, including the most famous Latina mom of them all…

Regular Moms

The word spread through social media, inspiring thousands of madres to post their pinky promises and keep the trend going.

Radio Hosts

A partnerships with local and national radio and tv companies kept the conversation going from madres’ most trusted source of news and info.
Putting the conversation into culture changes the economics


Vote Like a Madre was one of the most upbeat campaigns of 2020. It traded in themes of love and fairness, but with a heavy dose of cultural competency and fun. It felt like you were joining a movement of friends, not doing a boring chore. And that kind of energy is contagious.

Surround sound

Studying our audience’s media habits led to a campaign that was almost impossible to ignore. Whether you saw it on a friend’s feed in the morning, caught a celebrity post about it at lunch, heard it from a DJ you love on your drive home, or saw an ad about it while watching Youtube before bed, the message was everywhere in the Latina community.