How can we overcome inertia and encourage parents to take action?

Even if you’re worried about climate change, it’s hard to know what to do about it. In these campaigns, we lean into what mom is already comfortable with to inspire climate solutions.

The Challenge

The size of the problem is overwhelming.

Asking a mom to do something about those city-sized melting icebergs is enough to make her freeze in her tracks. What can one person possibly do about that? Without understanding their power, people tend to either check out or opt for the easiest personal action — like using a tote bag or a paper straw. We needed them to think bigger.

Empowering suburban moms to fix climate change
The Insight

Make climate solutions manageable

In order to empower moms to take relevant climate actions, we had to make them feel like it was simple, effective, and in the realm of possibility for them. Both of the campaigns below leaned into behaviors moms already do and updated them to be climate related.

Giving moms a to-do list for action

Put it on a to-do list and moms get it done. In our What To Do U series, the Science Moms give their mom peers a three-point to-do list for tackling climate change: Swap, Share, and Speak Up. This 360 degree campaign not only walked moms through the list but gave them real tools to take action, including a custom org-matching tool on

What To Do U

The What To Do U series is a springboard for moms looking to join the fight for their kids' future. Here's an introduction to the three-step to-do list, a road map for moms to make an impact today.

Dr. Emily Fischer: Speak Up

In this episode of What To Do U, Dr. Emily Fischer teaches moms how speaking up about their concerns can help influence leaders to reduce carbon pollution and protect our kids’ future.

Dr. Melissa Burt: Swap

In this episode of What To Do U, Dr. Melissa Burt teaches moms how making a few strategic changes at home (when the time is right) can go a long way towards tackling climate change.

Social Media

Not all moms are scientists, which means they might not get their information from the science itself. What To Do U brings simple, science-backed solutions to moms, wherever they get their information, like social media!

Moms needed a place to start

Here’s how we gave them one.

Shorter form content is more polarizing than longer form

This campaign had a suite of assets from long form video to six second bumpers and everything in between. We found that long form video was much more effective at increasing support for action on climate change across the political spectrum. With shorter form content, you only have time to hear “climate change” and “action,” which immediately triggers partisan tribalism.

People are still missing the foundations

Even though everyone says they need concrete ways to take action if they’re going to engage with climate change, people still don’t really understand the basics: that carbon pollution is trapping heat in the atmosphere and messing with our climate. With less alarmed segments, we need to work on those foundations before jumping into action.