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Meet our team of data-driven storytellers, as well as our board and advisors, who bring campaigns to life for our audiences.

Our Origin Story

In 2017, John Marshall’s 17-year old son locked him in his house for two days. Similar to most in his generation, John’s son felt his dad wasn’t doing enough about climate change. Especially when John was the former Chief Strategy Officer at Lippincott, one of the world’s most respected branding consulting firms, and had many of the tools to help solve the world’s hardest communication problem.

The protest worked. In response to his forty-eight hour lockdown, John reached out to his network and began building a team that could sell a much different product: awakening the world to the climate challenge and its solutions. And thus, Potential Energy’s journey began.

Potential Energy Coalition - Our Origin Story

The Potential Energy Team

We’ve brought together some of the best marketing, data, creative, and campaign talents in the business to tackle the world’s hardest and most urgent communications problems.

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Our Partners

We collaborate with NGOs, ad agencies, media companies, academic institutions, leaders and others to craft the most compelling content and reach the most potential climate supporters.

Our Board

Our trusted board of advisors runs the gamut from accomplished scientists to successful entrepreneurs and courageous advocates.

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Our mission is to help audiences better understand climate change through emotionally engaging narratives that put them at the center of the story.